What's Inside "The Kak Su" :


(I) Almond & Pistachio Kunafa aka Kanafeh by Chef Fatima in collaboration with PichaEats - 1bx/16pcs

(II) Sarawak Liberica Coffee Kek Lapis by Chef Susilawaty - 1Loaf,  3*8', 425g

(III)  Belle Coco Lapis by Chef Susilawaty - 1Loaf, 3*8', 425g

(IV) Premium Tunisian Branched Dates (Deglet Nour Dates) - 200g

(V) Gourmet Wicker Basket




The Fatima & The Kak Su Gift Sets feature two great collaborations with Earthlings Coffee Workshop and PichaEats.


The idea of this collaboration originates from understanding the true meaning of Ramadan. Ramadan is about the family and giving back. I wanted to work with partners that truly impact the communities 

to come up with a gift set that will help the marginalised. I believe it is the time of gifting and that we can do some good while we give. Raya is more meaningful when I know each gift set will give the Picha Kids (refugee children) the opportunity to continue their education. Each gift set will also help to create a more sustainable economy for the farmers,


Together with our collaborative partners - Earthlings Coffee Workshop and PichaEats, We would like to align the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Through this collaboration we aim to not just deliver positive economic, social and psychological impact to the refugees, but to also shed light on the challenges they face.


This is a gift that bringing the story of humanity, love and sharing - all in one basket..


by Edmund

The Kak Su

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