30 Days of Faith: Day 8

· · · “I sell more ice during Ramadan, because people use it for Iftar time drinks like sharbat, mint shlombey and water. People here are extremely poor and so I often give small pieces of ice to children for free. I’m not a rich man and can’t give Zakat (charity), so this is my way of helping.” Dauod, 35, fled Afghanistan with his family when he was two. He now runs a small grocery shop inside the I-12 refugee settlement in Pakistan. He is happy with his business and feels like he provides a unique service to his neighbours during Ramadan. “This ice keeps my mind cool and fresh the whole day. There is no electricity in this refugee settlement and the temperatures can soar to 45 degrees. Observing the fast in this scorching heat for smokers and tea lovers is particularly challenging because they can’t smoke or drink before sunset. I invite everyone to my shop during Ramadan. The ice provides some relief from the sizzling heat and then when I need help with the huge blocks of ice, there are many strong hands available. Keeping the smokers away from their families during the long fasting days is a good deed. After all Ramadan is the month of giving and sharing.”

Photo and text by Duniya Aslam Khan for UNHCR

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