30 Days of Faith: Day 6

· · · Syrian Chef, Galal, 35, prepares Iftar at the busy Bab Elhara Restaurant in Cairo. “I‘ve worked in several restaurants in Syria and Saudi Arabia and I love cooking. I don't like to serve people, but I love preparing food. My father was an ambassador's chef in Syria and he taught me how to cook. The first dish he taught me to cook is keba. Keba is important not only in Ramadan but because it’s the jewel of any dinner.” Galal lost his job a year ago when things got worse in Damascus and restaurants began shutting down. A month ago he and his wife fled to Egypt with their two kids. The thing he misses most about Ramadan in Syria is getting together with his family. “I was away from Syria for 8 years on my own will in Saudi Arabia and Qatar but now I'm away by force. As soon as things calm down I will go back home.”

Photo and text by Shawn Baldwin for UNHCR

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