30 Days of Faith: Day 3

· · · As the sun sets over Za’atri in northern Jordan, Syrian refugees pass one of the many makeshift mosques that have mushroomed in the sprawling refugee camp. Many are heading home for iftar, the evening meal during the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan, which began earlier this week. There are about 50 places of worship, set up by the residents in every corner of Za’atri. One refugee from the town of Daraa, who just across the border, says that what they miss most about Ramadan in Syria is the communal spirit. “Everyone cooked and then took it to someone else’s house. Everyone was together.” But the mosques in Za’atri, especially during Ramadan, have become important focal points for rallying a sense of community.

Photo and text by Jared Kohler for UNHCR

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