30 Days of Faith: Day 26

· · · Displaced Malian, Salimato, 51, and her family, live in an abandoned grade school in Mali’s capital, Bamako. They have lived in three homes in three months, and after Ramadan they will have to find yet another. “The landlord has let us live here during the month of fasting, but after that, I don't know where we'll go.” Originally from Gao, she fled 1200 kilometers east to Bamako, in April 2011, as separatist rebels descended upon the city. “I have some family here in Bamako, but they can't afford to support me. It’s challenged my faith. I pray to the almighty for his mercy, and I ask that all Muslims support each other. I thank every person who has spent even a single franc to support us. They are in my prayers.”

Photo and text by Thomas Martinez for UNHCR

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