30 Days of Faith: Day 25

· · · Yahya arranges his freshly made qatayef, sweet pancakes traditionally served during the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan in the Middle East. He was a baker back in Syria and now that Ramadan has arrived in Jordan’s Za'atri refugee camp, he’s putting his skills to use. With drops of sweat rolling off the end of his nose, he leans over the hotplate and pours batter mix from a pitcher onto the griddle in small even circles. He only cooks one side and watches carefully until it has cooked. Next he flips the pancakes and leaves them to cool before adding sweet fillings. When folded, they are ready to eat. “I put some rose water in the batter,” he says. Despite being far from his war-torn home, this is one tradition that makes Ramadan in a foreign country more bearable for Yahya.

Photo and text by Jared Kohler for UNHCR

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