30 Days of Faith: Day 2

· · · Although it’s the second day of Ramadan, not everyone is fasting in Jordan’s Za’atri refugee camp. Since she is still a child, Rahma has eaten some noodles prepared by her Aunt Imani, who has started cooking the evening meal, iftar, which marks the breaking of the daylight fast. The little girl is full of energy and wants to help her aunt. “Was Ramadan better here or in Syria?” Imani asks. “In Syria,” Rahma and her cousins chorus. “We didn’t have to buy fruits and vegetables; we could just go out and get them from the garden,” Rahma explains. Imani says that tempers have been flaring in the camp’s markets over the price of vegetables – everyone complains about not having enough vegetables for Ramadan. “I’m being told by relatives back in Syria that the fruit is falling unpicked,” Imani’s husband, Ihmed adds. Many of Imani’s friends have been crying in recent days, thinking of what they left behind when they fled to Jordan.

Photo and text by Jared Kohler for UNHCR

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