30 Days of Faith: Day 17

· · · Foddiye (left) and her husband currently host 7 Syrian refugee families rent free on their land in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon. She picks vegetables from her garden for Iftar with Abou (right), a Syrian refugee. Abou explains his situation, “It’s so difficult to be far from your family and country during Ramadan. But God willing we came to Lebanon and got to know Foddiye and her family and we are so happy living with them. We live together as one family and eat all of the Ramadan meals together.” Foddiye agrees, “It reminds me of Ramadans of 20 years ago when all of my family would eat Iftar together. This is the most beautiful Ramadan I have spent in 20 years.”

Photo and text by Elena Dorfman for UNHCR

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