30 Days of Faith : Day 1

· · · Ziad, 31, is a father of 3, with another baby on the way. On the first day of Ramadan, Ziad returns to his family’s caravan, after working a shift as a door guard in Zaatari refugee camp. “Last Ramadan I was in prison.” His wife and children would call him. “Come home papa, come home,” but each time he would have to tell them, “I can’t, the door is locked.” He becomes emotional as he remembers those days, recalling that he was unable to buy gifts for his children. Last year in prison and this year a refugee. “It’s like death” he says. “My parents and all my brothers and sisters are still in Syria.” The TV reports bombing in his home village. It’s a constant internal battle not to pick up everything and return, but the safety of his young family keeps him rooted. “Every day Tarek prays with me,” he says. Ziad is far from being home, but at least he is with his children this Ramadan.

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