About Us

Edmund's Homemade has come a long way from its beginnings in Kuching. Our story begins with a simple intention by offering premium quality Kek Lapis & Nyonya Kuih. When we first started out, the passion for "Just Inkuihdible" drove us to do tons of research & survey. Since 2014, we started a small home-based business by selling our homemade Kek Lapis and Nyonya Kuih. on the other hand, promoting our very own Sarawak's product. We simply believe that traditional baking methods are the main factor in order to maintain the consistent taste and aim that, every fresh product tastes as good as the last one. Therefore, we simply prefer our Kek Lapis or Nyonya Kuih to be remembered for being overflowing with quality ingredients, less sweet, and reasonable price points. 


Over the years, we evolved by introducing new flavors, new patterns, and new packaging to our customers. Since then, our Kek Lapis has traveled the world together with our regular customers who regularly will order to bring with them as gifts to their friends overseas, the Nyonya Kuih became a daily essential to our local market and benefiting our neighborhood. Therefore, we aim to be attentive and generous in optimizing our products' ingredients to the very fullest to achieve that unparalleled distinction in taste, texture, and flavor. And of course, knowing how to skilfully combine and blend those ingredients do help in giving our product that further “kick”!